8 Left Out Places That will Fascinate You


There are many left out places in whole world, and every place has its own special story. Some of them conjure you and some them give you feeling of awe.

These abandoned places will fascinate you. Check out these places.


8. Michigan Central Station, Detroit

© wikimedia © Albert duce

It was the tallest rail station in the world in 1913.  The station was closed because of acts of heathenism.


7. Pripyat, Ukraine

© Elena Filatova © Shanomag

The ghost town in northern Ukraine. In 1986, after the Chernobyl disaster which was a catastrophic nuclear accident, after the incident government ordered an immediate clearing of the area. No one was allowed to carry away any anything. Now these day the city is considered relatively safe to visit, and people are visiting this place.

6. SS America

© Johannes Göbel © Wollex

In 1941, the ship was used for service as a troop transport. Later it transformed into a passenger vessel. In 1980, the new owner of the ship wanted to convert the ship into a prison. The ship sailed into a thunderstorm in the Atlantic Ocean in 1994.


5. Discovery Island, Florida, USA

© Sam Howzit © BestofWDW

In 1974, Discovery Island was built on Walt Disney World property. It was open for visitors as an attraction center, and it was closed in 1990 and left abandoned ever since.

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4. Hotel del Salto, Bogota, Colombia

© ArturoAparicio © Pedro Felipe

The Hotel del Salto was closed in 1990, mainly because the lengthy reconstruction which reduced tourist interest in the area. But, rumor has it that the hotel was the scene of several suicides and some people believe that it is a haunted place.


3. Beelitz Military Hospital, Brandenburg, Germany

© qbanez © pommes.fritz123

During World War I, The German Army used it as the largest health complex their soldiers.  Local people and tourists say that the hospital has paranormal activity and an terrible atmosphere.



2. Miranda Castle, Celles, Belgium

© Bert Kaufmann © Sten Ceulemans

This castle completely abandoned since 1991. Miranda castle used in American television series Hannibal shooting by their director.


1. Power Plant of Charleroi, Belgium

© Stephane Gaudry

In 2006, Greenpeace made several negative announcements about this plant stating that it created a mass release of carbon dioxide of about 10% in the country. After this the power plant closed in 2007.


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