Must eat mushrooms and pumpkin seeds in the fourth month of pregnancy


In pregnancy, you need a lot of nutrition for yourself and your child in your body. Therefore, definitely include these things in your diet.

Congratulations you reached the second quarter of your pregnancy. The next three months will be relieved compared to your last three months. Despite this, you have to be careful about your catering this month because your child is developing which needs nutrition . 

These tips are for your diet in the fourth month of pregnancy.

  • Include things in your food that have vitamins and nutritious foods. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and so on.
  • Eat more than iron substances These include fish, meat, tofu, soybean, dried fruits, and seeds.
  • Eat fiber content, this will not be a constipation problem. For this, eat oats, whole grains, pulses, cabbage, fresh fruits and so on.
  • Eat a substantial amount of dairy products to cure calcium. These include milk, curd, paneer, whey.

Eat things like mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, spinach, and zinc is more in them. It is very important for the development of your child’s immune system and nervous system in your womb. 

Fruits containing vitamins C are necessary because the iron element can absorb the body properly in the presence of vitamins C. For this food should eat lemon, tomatoes, oranges, green vegetables.

Avoid some fruits such as papaya, pineapple. The present elements in them can increase the risk of abortion. Also avoid avoiding raw meat, sea fishes.

Drink more quantity of water, it will be relieved by the problem of constipation and gas will not even become.


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