Ross Taylor Trolls Sehwag In An Epic Way


Taylor Trolls Sehwag. On Saturday, New Zealand defeated India at Rajkot in the 2nd T20 match of the series. Ross Taylor trolls Sehwag for his “Darji” comment. They both was involved on twitter when Sehwag calling him a ‘Darji’.




Take the conversation forward, Ross taylor tweeted to Virender Sehwag. The New Zealand cricketer wrote “Rajkot mein match k baad, #darji (Tailor) Ki dukaan band. Agli silai #Trivandrum mein hogi… Zaroor Aana.”  He tweeted it after winning the 2nd T20 match.

Here is the tweet:



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In his tweet, he put the link of his Instagram post.  Here is that pic:



He tweeted in very funny way in Hindi which very sweet. See how people are reacted to his tweet.



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So what you think about Taylor trolls sehwag. Write us in comment box.


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