Skin itching in winter? Here is the solution.


Rustic skin

It is very common for the skin to be dry in the winter and itching in that rusty skin. As soon as the cold arrives, you start feeling slight itching on your hands. If you start scratching then white red streaks fall. You can adopt some easy ways to deal with this winter skin problem. Let’s go about those methods.

Hot water

Take a long bath in hot water and protect your skin’s protective oil i.e. protective oil. The skin becomes dry and it starts getting itchy. So try to take bath for 15 minutes or less in warm water. After the bath, apply moisturizer to light wet skin.


Moisturizing cream or lotion stays in the skin by applying a good variety of moisturizing cream or lotion. If your skin is very rigid then you can also apply moisturizing oil. Jelly Almond Oil You can apply almond oil directly on the skin or you can mix some drops in the bath water. Doing so will end the skin’s roughness. The skin will also be soft and shiny.


There are plenty of harsh chemicals in the cleanser. These chemicals can create a skin by making it attractive and it can cause itching. Rashis can also be used by using them. So try that the natural cleanser or the mild cleanser.


The dry air of the home or office can steal moisture from your skin, and it can cause itching in your skin and it can become scaly. The solution is humidifier. Put a humidifier at your home or workplace, it brings moisture back in the air and thus your skin also gets moisture.

Wear soft clothes

The dry skin starts to burn easily, and it causes itching. Therefore, wearing clothes that are soft and made of natural substances, such as cotton, silk Also washes your clothes with such detergents, which do not have dye or perfume, which can damage your skin.

Do not scrub skin

Some people have a habit that after washing a bath or mouth they start scrubbing the skin with a towel. Do not do this. Doing so may damage the outer layer of your skin. Also, you may have problems with irritation and itching due to skin scratching. Therefore, always dry the body while slipping from a soft towel.

Drink water

In winter, people drink less water, due to which they become prey to dehydration. It is normal for your skin to become stingy and itching in the skin appearing. So if you want to avoid skin irritation and itching in winter, and want to be soft and shiny, then drink more water.


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